Transformational Leadership

Who Should Attend?

Middle to Senior Managers/Leaders.

So what is Transformational Leadership?

Our Transformational Leadership programme presents a proven framework to help leaders make a profound difference in their organization. We deliver unique learning and development solutions within the journey which will transform people and organizations, creating a high performance environment, boosting performance and ultimately improving the bottom line.

The programme will take participants on a journey of self discovery in which they develop new and improved ways of thinking, managing and leading.

 During this 8 day workshop participants will:

  • Recognize and acknowledge your own leadership strengths and weaknesses through an in-depth 360 tool,
  • Develop a greater understanding of your Emotional Intelligence and how best to leverage this to achieve maximum results from yourself and others,
  • Learn and apply strategies to become more mentally resilient,
  • Build internal motivation levels for self and others,
  • Develop empowering beliefs to improve performance,
  • Apply proven coping interventions during period of stress and pressure,
  • Improve individual state management,
  • Move teams from Blame Frame to Aim Frame,
  • Learn how to effectively raise performance standards through others,
  • Have confidence in carrying out crucial conversations,
  • Improve personal impact and influence with key stakeholders,
  • Understand apply performance coaching,
  • Learn constructive means to improve on performance,
  • Learn how to develop personal impact and influence,
  • Have a sustainable personal leadership action plan for becoming a Transformational Leader.


Certification of Competence will be granted on completion of training course

Course Duration

08 Days