Six Sigma Black Belt

What are the course objectives?

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (LSSBB) Certification is designed to help you master the combined concepts of Lean and Six Sigma methodologies. Lean Six Sigma has emerged as a popular business management strategy applied to projects globally. It helps a company achieve process excellence initiatives, accelerate product delivery, improve product quality, and drive increased profits to an organization. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification demonstrates one’s ability to deploy these skills in enterprise-wide projects
Our Six Sigma Black Belt training and certification program is modeled on the Body of Knowledge (BOK) of the American Society of Quality (ASQ), with cutting-edge and real-life applications integrated with the training section.
Once the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training is complete, participants will be able to implement the concepts of Lean, Design for Six Sigma (DFSS), Six Sigma Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMAIC) and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) using statistical tools and analysis.


What skills will you learn?

  • At the end of Simplilearn’s Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training, you will gain knowledge of the following:
  • Apply Lean concepts such as 5S, waste reduction, process mapping, value stream mapping and mistake proofing.
  • Apply basic and more advanced statistical analyses to determine the relationship between key inputs and process outputs.
  • Effectively manage team dynamics and understand how to work with multiple levels of leadership to remove barriers and achieve project success.
  • Close projects and hand over control to process owners.
  • Present projects to instructors, peers and managers.

What career benefits are in store for you?

Becoming certified in Lean Six Sigma Black Belt can open up a plethora of new career opportunities and an hefty increase in salary. Those who are trained in this methodology are highly respected and sought after in their field. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training gives dedicated professionals a fast track to a more successful career. This certification:  
Demonstrates your ability to apply highly complex enterprise- wide DMAIC projects.
Positions you to integrate Lean Six Sigma as a long-term continuous improvement philosophy in you organization.
Improves your ability to employ problem solving and business know-how on the job to enhance internal processes.
According to recent surveys by, the median salary for certified professionals in this field is approximately $83,107 per year and can go as high as $175,000.

Who should take this course?

Simplilearn’s course in Lean Six Sigma Black Belt is designed to meet the requirements of the following categories of professionals:

  • Senior Management (especially if the company intends to implement Lean Six Sigma)
  • Team Leaders
  • Software Professionals
  • Project Managers
  • Quality Assurance Engineers
  • Software Quality Assurance Team Members
  • Management Students

Course Duration

12 Days