Results Driven Manager

So what is the Results Driven Manager

The workshop will supply delegates with a Leadership Toolkit which is overflowing with skills, knowledge and mind-set interventions to ensure delegates are fully equipped to make a difference on site for themselves and the company. To help embed the learning and create a real positive behaviour and performance change we use a blend of high impact experimental learning techniques.

 During this 5 day workshop participants will:

  • Learn and apply Mental Toughness Interventions
  • Identify good supervisor & bad supervisor
  • Have ACL assessed and improved
  • Recognize and adapt to various communications
  • Practice internal and external motivation techniques
  • Produce delegation action plan
  • Practice performance coaching conversations & ad- hoc coaching moments
  • Learn and practice proven techniques to carry out a critical conversation
  • Produce a relationship management strategy
  • Have individual team roles assessed
  • Understand the ingredients of a high performing team
  • Demonstrate an understanding of all of the management & leadership tools through practice and application
  • Make a Difference Development Plan for you and your company.


Certification of Competence will be granted on completion of training course

Course Duration

05 Days