Presenting with Impact

Who should attend?

This training is for everybody who delivers meetings and presentations – internally or externally. It is expected that participants would have previously completed the E. Learning presentation skills prior to attending this programme or have experience in presenting.

 During this 2 day workshop participants will:

  • Structure and deliver high impact presentations from concept to execution
  • Ensure presentation’s true aim is achieved
  • Understand how to adapt presentation to audience
  • Learn how to manage the audience
  • Use a systematic approach in delivering presentations
  • Present with confidence and presence
  • Conquer and manage nerves
  • Make effective use of any audio visual material to ensure impact

Key Benefits for You and Your Organization

  • Discover what already works about you
  • You will create greater personal impact through better presentation skills
  • You will learn how to adapt your presentation to your audience
  • You will be more aware of your strengths and weaknesses on stage and what to do about them
  • You will practice effective use of your body language
  • You will be better able to manage your stress
  • You will learn to handle questions and objections
  • You will learn to emphasize your ideas by means of strong visual aids.


Certification of Competence will be granted on completion of training course

Course Duration

02 Days