Performance Motivators


You can create an environment where employees can remain or become motivated. Are you able to keep your employees happy, motivated and working at their peak consistently? Is your own excitement and motivation about your own work starting to wane?

Are you and your employees starting to think: “I am relatively happy, but there’s some spark missing in my work, and I am not as satisfied as I use to be? What else is out there that might inspire me more that might be more enjoyable? My work is a bit boring; the same thing day in and day out.” Good performance management includes empowering and motivating yourself AND your employees. Even senior management, although highly committed, needs to be motivated to keep going at a top pace day after day.

What is Motivators ?

The ability of managers and leaders to keep their people working at peak performance is critical. There are many strategies and techniques available to manage peak performance in an organization, but without the foundation and core emotion of feeling motivated, talented workforce just aren’t that productive.

In this course, you will acquire the skills and tools to empower and motivate yourself and your employees. People are not your most important resource, they are your ONLY resource. Well motivated employees are more productive and creative. Learn how to create a motivating environment that fosters creative, productive and happy employees

During this 1 day workshop participants will learn:

  1. Greater self-awareness and personal motivational mastery
  2. To create an environment of motivated employees
  3. Tools for dealing with de-motivating situations and people
  4. To increase performance of others by using skills and techniques learned in this course
  5. To recognize and respond to situations where others are de-motivated
  6. Skills and techniques to increase your personal power and to empower and motivate others


Certification of Competence will be granted on completion of training course

Course Duration

01 Day