44-hour OSH Specialist


Employees with safety responsibilities should be properly trained to help make sure they have the necessary knowledge and skills to assist safety managers and perform other duties as determined by the employer. This program is designed for safety specialists, coordinators, and others responsible for implementing their organization's safety and health program. Emphasis is placed on gaining the knowledge and skills to assist in the establishment and management of and effective safety and health program.


Individual Benefits

Whether you are a current or potential safety specialist, by completing this program, you will be able to:

  • Properly identify hazards.
  • Communicate those hazards to management and other employees.
  • Create effective solutions to hazards.
  • Contribute to safety at your workplace in meaningful ways so that your employer takes notice.
  • Advance in your career.

Business Benefits

Safety specialist analyze many types of work environments and procedures. When you put your safety specialists or coordinators through this program, you will be able to:

  • Remain compliant with OSHA.
  • Protect workers.
  • Decrease liabilities.
  • Educate your workers about their responsibilities.
  • Increase your safety specialist's ability to inspect workplaces.
  • Pinpoint areas which need improvement.
  • Take action to prevent potential injuries


Course Exam

After studying the course matieral and taking the module quizzes, students can take the course exam. The course exam is designed to test the students understanding of the course material. Course exams are composed of multiple choice questions selected from our extensive question bank.