Basic First Aid

Benefits of being a First Aider

What are the benefits of First Aid training as an employer?

First Aid training has its benefits. It is largely recommended for every employee in an organisation. If more people have the qualification there will be more people present to prevent accidents in the workplace. It is a legal requirement to assure your workers receive urgent treatment when injured or taken ill at work. It is a must that your workplace has the relevant equipment, resources and personnel to deal with an emergency.

Here are a few reasons how First Aid training benefits you and your company from the point of view of an employer.


It saves lives

Although this is the most obvious reason it is also the most important. First Aid training gives your employees understanding and confidence to be able to act in the occurrence of an accident. The First Aid at Work course and the Emergency First Aid course both touch on the subject of CPR. Time and time again CPR has saved lives due to immediate action being taken. CPR knowledge can be vital in the event of a critical or life-threatening incident.

Reducing occupational hazards

First Aid Training teaches delegates how to become safety conscious in their occupation. Your employees will be able to spot hazards in the workplace before accidents happen.  The more First Aiders you have the quicker issues will be raised. It is important that employees can recognise potential danger before it happens. The knowledge taken from the course will contribute towards reducing the number of injuries in your workplace.

First Aid kits are used correctly

The benefit of having a First Aid appointed person present is that you have someone to look monitor your First Aid kit. Having someone to maintain your kit means, as a result, it will always be fully stocked at all times. It is important that you have all the resources available so that you can act promptly.  Acting promptly will lower the impact of the injury or illness.

Reducing recovery time of employees

A hasty response to an accident before the medical professionals arrive can not only save a life. Acting quickly can also shorten the healing time of the patient. The quicker the employee recovers, the quicker they can get back to work.