School Safety Athletics Supervision

Course Introduction

The numbers of young athletes keep growing at a rapid pace. They can now compete at the grade school level, in recreation departments, and at the high school level. Proper supervision of athletes allows coaches to better understand the individual needs and capabilities of the participants. However, many coaches and administrators overlook the importance of this aspect of their jobs. Such oversight can lead to incidents that result in charges and lawsuits against coaches, schools, and organizations.

Besides supervision, there are many other things coaches need to be aware of before taking the field or court. This course looks at several important topics, including concussions and other health risks, weight room and athletic field safety.

Key Topics

  • Coaching Safety
  •  Weight Room Safety
  •  Athletic Event Safety
  • Concussions
  •  Medical Emergencies
  •  Heat Stroke
  • Hidden Threats for Student Athletes
  •  Sudden Cardiac Arrest
  • Maintenance and Supervision Concerns
  •  Bleacher Safety and Hazards
  • Lighting Safety Precautions

Target Audience

  • Employee