Safety Management System Evaluation


In this course, you will learn how to identify, analyze and evaluate your company's Safety & Health Program. With the advent of the systems approach to safety management, safety professionals are increasingly calling their comprehensive safety program a "safety management system (SMS)." This is the term you will see throughout the course. Any reference to "system" refers to the SMS.

The Safety and Health Management System is extremely important to the long-term success of your organization. This course will show you how to analyze and evaluate your safety management system by discussing the various steps in the process used by OSHA consultants to assess companies participating in the Safety and Health Achievement Program (SHARP) evaluation process. Even if your company doesn't anticipate participating in this program, the information within this online course may be very helpful in your effort to improve your SMS.

To better understand the concept of "system," we'll review the four primary system components in every system. We'll also examine how an organization's management structure, leadership style and the resulting safety culture impact the seven elements of a safety management system.

Course Goals

Understand the following concepts: analysis, evaluation, surface cause, root cause, and system.

Gain a better understanding of safety and health programs as systems.

Learn about the SHARP evaluation model as a tool to evaluate your safety management system.

Key Topics

  • Safety Management System Concepts, Principles, and Elements
  • Baseline Surveys
  •  Interviewing Techniques
  •  Conducting Inspections
  • 5-Why Analysis
  •  Cause and Effect (Fishbone) Diagrams
  • Safety Management System Evaluation Principles

Target Audience

  • Manager