NEBOSH Health & Safety at Work

The NEBOSH Health & Safety at Work Award is a 3 day course aimed at anyone who needs to understand the principles of health & safety as part of their role.

The course is split into 2 units which are assessed individually - 1 taught module and a work-based assignment to complete which will demonstrate your application of the knowledge you have gained over the course of the previous unit.



Overall learning outcomes

On completion of each unit, you should be able to demonstrate your understanding of the domain knowledge covered by:

  • The application of knowledge to familar and unfamiliar situations
  • The critical analysis and evaluation of information presented in both quantitative and qualititative forms

N.B. Each element will have additional specific learning outcomes.


Full course syllabus

Unit HSW1: Workplace safety foundations

  • Element 1: The foundations of health and safety
  • Element 2: The responsibility for health and safety
  • Element 3: Health and safety risk assessment and control
  • Element 4: Hazards and controls associated with work equipment
  • Element 5: Transport safety
  • Element 6: Hazards and controls associated with working with electricity
  • Element 7: Fire safety
  • Element 8: Hazards and control associated with manual handling an repetitive movement
  • Element 9: Hazards and control associated with hazardous substances
  • Element 10: Hazards and control associated with the working environment

Unit HSW2: Risk assessment activity

  • 1: Purpose and aim
  • 2: Marking
  • 3: Assessment location
  • 4: Assessment requirements
  • 5: Submission of completed work
  • 6: Further information


Course Duration


03 Days



1 hour multiple choice exam and practical risk assessment