ISO 10001:2018

ISO 10001:2018 Quality management — Customer satisfaction — Guidelines for codes of conduct for organizations


ISO 10001 provides guidance for the planning, development, implementation, maintenance and improvement of a code of conduct for customer satisfaction. This includes objectives, conditions, restrictions, contact information, and method for the treatment of complaints. It describes the framework of the code of conduct, its planning, design and development, the creation of performance indicators, the introduction of the code of conduct, its maintenance and improvement. Annex of the standard contains amongst others simplified examples of code components, specific guidance for small companies, instructions for accessibility, general conditions, instructions for the adoption of a code of another organization, guidance for the preparation of a code and instructions for creating communication plans.

Guiding principles of the standard are:


  • commitment for code of conduct
  • sufficient capacity of the organization for the development and implementation of code of conduct
  • transparency towards customers, employees and other interested parties
  • accessibility of the Code, that is easily found and applicable
  • responsiveness of the organization in relating to the needs of customers and other interested parties
  • accuracy of the code, should be not misleading, transparent and legally compliant
  • assignment of responsibilities
  • continual improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of the code.


Target of the standard:


 is beside supporting customer satisfaction

  • to support fair business practices,
  • to improve the understanding of customer


Consultancy Services Road Map:


  • Gap Analyses
  • Designing, Documentation and Implementation (System Development)
  • Internal Auditing
  • Management Review
  • Certification Process Guidance