Lock Out Tag Out

Course Content:

This course is designed to provide LOTO training to all employees of the client group who lock out machinery, hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems and other power driven energy sources. Training involves classroom based modular sessions with practical sessions. Final assessment is by means of a short answer questionnaire of 10 questions.



At the end of the course the candidate should:
? List the appropriate Legislation
? List the definitions related to LOTO
? List employers/employees responsibilities
? Define the organisations General Procedures
? List the Shut Down Procedures
? List the Group Lockout/Tagout Procedures
? List the Shift/Personnel Change Procedures
? Understand the live work
? State the equipment return to service step



The syllabus of the LOTO training sets out the competency operators of lock out, tag out systems should have. Training will involve classroom based sessions covering knowledge of LOTO systems.



  1. Safety behaviour
    • Barriers
  2. Accidents/Incidents, PPE, Safety Considerations
    • Hazards
    • Types of Accidents
    • Causes of Accidents
  3. Legislation
    • SHWW Act 2005
    • SHWW Regulations 2007
    • LOTO procedures/policy

• Employer
• Employee
5. Procedures
• Company procedures
6. Definition
• Tag out
• Lock out

Course Duration


02 Days