Difficult Conversations

Who Should Attend?

Everyone who feels that they need to acquire skills to help them overcome challenging conversations in order to achieve business and personal objectives & keep important relationships intact.

So what’s It All About?

This course will prepare you for high-stakes situations and will empower you to deal with emotional reactions during difficult conversations. You will be able to transform negative feelings into powerful dialogue and foster your communication skills to achieve business objectives and keep important relationships intact.

Our “Having that Difficult Conversation” programme equips you with the mind-set and skill-set required to have productive, real conversations that drive the right outcomes.

Are your managers having those important conversations? If not, why not?

Apprehensive of the consequences or just don’t know how to have that conversation!!

 During this 2 day workshop participants will:

  • Follow a highly effective model in carrying out any difficult conversation,
  • successfully prepare for high-stakes/risk conversations,
  • have conflict style assessed and identified,
  • learn how to keep important relationships intact,
  • have confidence and empowering beliefs to have those difficult conversations,
  • manage emotional reactions during difficult conversations (emotional hijack),
  • learn how to step into another persons shoes,
  • manage emotions such as frustration, hurt, anger and fear,
  • transform negative feelings into powerful dialogue and foster communication skills to achieve business objectives,
  • Learn how to make it safe to talk about almost anything,
  • recognize signs when a conversation is no longer safe,
  • become proficient in turning difficult conversations into an opportunity to achieve more,
  • produce a relationship action plan to successfully carry out difficult conversations.


Certification of Competence will be granted on completion of training course

Course Duration

02 Days