Customer Complaint Handling

How an organization handles customer complaints is crucial in order to maintain a good reputation and to keep client business. Complaint handling training teaches the process and methodology needed to create an effective customer complaints handling procedure to improve customer care, satisfaction and complaint resolution rates.

EPIC offer a comprehensive one day complaint training course.

Target Audience

Our complaint handling courses are designed for those who are responsible for dealing with customer complaints. Participants may handle complaints over the telephone, face to face or in writing.  We will adapt the course to meet the most frequently used method of complaint handling by the participants.

Course Aim

This course will provide participants with the crucial skills and confidence to improve their handling of customer complaints with the goal of reaching a satisfactory solution that increases customer retention and loyalty.

Course Objectives

By the end of this complaint handling training course, participants will have:

  • Recognized the key skills and qualities needed to handle customer complaints effectively
  • Built skills in building rapport and engaging with the customer
  • Demonstrated empathy whilst maintaining control of the conversation
  • Established the customer’s needs through questions and listening
  • Defused difficult customer emotional responses
  • Resolved typical work based complaints effectively

Course Overview

  • Key skills and qualities for handling complaints
    • Model for handling complaints
    • Benefits of handling complaints effectively
    • Pairs exercise ‘in your customer’s shoes’ and participant introductions, facilitated group discussion
  • Communication, building rapport
    • Breakdown of communication
    • Building customer rapport
    • Impact of telephone and written communication
    • Verbal handshake
    • Communication styles
    • Paired practice, small group exercise, facilitated group discussion, self awareness questionnaire
  • Maintaining control and empathy in complaint handling
    • Using positive language
    • Remaining assertive when under pressure
    • Small group written exercise, facilitation and presentation
  • Establishing customer needs
    • Asking open questions
    • Introduce questioning funnel
    • Listening and summarizing
    • Demonstration, small group practical exercises and facilitated group review
  • Defusing difficult customer emotional responses
    • Managing personal response – 6 Step Approach
    • Complaint handling techniques to defuse anger and other emotional responses
    • Presentation, individual and small group exercise, and facilitated group discussion
  • Agreeing an appropriate course of action with customers 
    • Achieving a win/win outcome for the customer and the organization
    • Being clear on the authority/power you have
    • Escalating complaints with a defined complaint management process
    • Making commitments and honouring promises
    • Small group exercise with written scenarios, group feedback and discussion
  • Handling work based complaints
    • Tips on applying skills and techniques to written complaints
    • Practicing work based complaint scenarios
    • Feedback and review of learning in small groups
    • Review of how to apply in practice
    • Presentation, practice sessions in small groups and facilitated whole group review
  • Review and next steps
    • Review of learning and action planning
    • Course feedback


1 day