Competency Based Interview

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who is responsible for interviewing.

So What is Competency Based Interviewing?

The intention of a competency-based assessment is to move hiring decisions away from the classic intuition-led process (i.e. away from: “I feel that this person would be a great hire”). Instead, the system brings in a certain amount of objectivity, replacing much of the subjectivity of traditional assessments. Candidates are not primarily assessed or rated based upon their aspirations, opinions, or similar. Rather, the underlying premise is that we can anticipate how a candidate will behave in a role in the future through an assessment of their behaviour in the past.

 During this 1-2 day workshop participants will:

  • Enhance delegates’ understanding and skills in various interviewing & selection techniques.
  • Interviewer to understand clearly what is a competency based interview.
  • Recognize required competencies for positions.
  • Plan, structure and prepare for interviews that will help get an accurate assessment of a candidate’s ability and cultural fit with the Company.
  • Use a candidate’s past behaviour as an accurate indicator of future performance.
  • Produce competency based questions in order to establish candidate’s capability against the job in question and against the competency.
  • Master the art of probing.
  • Interviewer to feel competent in carrying out a competency based interview.
  • Understand how to clearly document evidence from the interview.
  • Accurately analyses interviewee’s evidence gathered from interviewee against required behaviours.
  • Fully understand the recording and processing of interview documentation post interview.
  • Delegates to practice skills throughout workshop.


Certification of Competence will be granted on completion of training course

Course Duration

01-02 Days